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Windsor Damage Restoration Services

After a major home or business disaster in Windsor, it can feel impossible to put your life back together. While RTC Restoration can’t do everything for you, we can handle every single aspect of your property restoration—from the damage mitigation to the insurance claim to the final cleanup, restoration, and reconstruction. We’ll take care of your environment and belongings, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

As a licensed general contractor with 10+ years of experience, we’re a highly regarded restoration company for any kind of need! You can trust our Windsor restoration team for fast, 24/7 response in any category:

Expert Crews for Windsor Home Flooding, Fire Mitigation, and More

If you’ve experienced a home catastrophe, don’t wait to contact a professional restoration company in Windsor! Most homeowners’ insurance policies require early mitigation and may not honor your claim without proof of this critical step. RTC Restoration is here to answer your call 24/7 and can install tarping, boarding, and fencing to prevent secondary weather or water damage.

Once your damage has been halted, we’ll work with you to create a customized plan for further recovery:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Flood Mitigation
  • Mold Remediation
  • Asbestos Remediation

Advanced Technology for Commercial Restoration 

Large-scale commercial properties require sufficient equipment, resources, and manpower to match—and RTC Restoration has all of the above! We utilize industrial-grade equipment and maintain a large-enough inventory to successfully encapsulate, dry, dehumidify, scrub, filter, and clean any business space in Windsor.

In addition to pure restoration work such as water mitigation, we also offer:

Windsor Pre-Disaster Planning to Reduce Impact and Loss

Although the nature of the disaster may be unknown, it’s almost certain that your Windsor home or business will face some kind of catastrophe in the coming years. Rather than wait for the worst to hit, take a proactive step with our pre-disaster planning team!

We can help you:

  • Evaluate Current and Future Risks
  • Establish Beneficial Partnerships
  • Craft Expert Contingency Plans
  • Minimize Post-Disaster Downtime
  • Strengthen Your Resources and Resiliency

Fast COVID-19 Cleaning and Emergency Containment Services

Worried about COVID-19’s impact on your Windsor business and the health of your staff and customers? You aren’t alone, and RTC Restoration is here to help. We offer thorough property sanitization utilizing a five-step process with EPA-approved, hospital-grade disinfectant. Negative air pressure systems and thorough HVAC cleaning are included to limit the airborne spread of pathogens, bacteria, and coronaviruses.

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Put yourself on the path to recovery quicker than ever with the help of RTC Restoration! We’ll deal with your insurance provider and handle your complete restoration, so you don’t have to worry. Start today by calling our Windsor restoration experts or filling out our quick online form now.