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Natural Disaster Clean Up

Natural disaster cleanup is no DIY job! From fallen trees to burst sewage lines to dangerously exposed electrical wiring, the process typically involves serious risks to your property, as well as to your own health and safety. Stay safe and prevent your home from sustaining further damage by leaving your natural disaster response to RTC Restoration & Roofing.

We offer emergency services 24/7/365!

Whether it’s a tornado, severe storm, or massive flood that has damaged your Northern Colorado home or business, we’ll respond promptly and professionally. Beginning with the steps to mitigate immediate hazards, we’ll continue to support you through the entire process, including help with insurance claims.

Start-to-Finish Professionals for Disaster Restoration

RTC Restoration & Roofing has over a decade of experience in disaster cleanup across Northern Colorado. When you call our licensed and certified restoration experts, we’ll arrive quickly and ready to work—no matter how minor or severe your property damage is.

Step 1: Stopping the Damage

The first thing we’ll do is assess your property and identify any breaches that represent an imminent threat. We will board up broken doors or windows and tarp up leaky roofs to prevent secondary damage from setting in. We can also install temporary fencing to secure your property and discourage potential vandals.

Step 2: Cleaning up the Aftermath

Once the ongoing damage has been contained, we’ll get to work on your disaster cleanup.

We’ll remove any fallen trees or other debris using heavy equipment to demolish, extract, and haul away as necessary. We can remove small or large physical objects as well as mud, water, and sewage. If you’ve lost power, we can set up temporary power sources for electrical lighting and heat.

Step 3: Completing the Restoration

After the area is secure and relatively clean, we’ll consult with you and recommend the best way forward for complete restoration. We offer every service you could need, including:

  • Complete Pack out and Cleanup
  • Temporary Storage
  • Fire Restoration for Stains, Charring, and Odors
  • Structural Drying and Dehumidification
  • Mold Prevention and Remediation
  • Sewage and Biohazard Cleanup
  • Air Filtration and Sanitization
  • ... and more!

We’ll work directly with your insurance provider to make sure your required restoration work is adequately covered. We have experience advocating for our customers’ needs during this difficult time, both with national insurance carriers as well as small independent companies.

Call Us 24/7 for Fast Natural Disaster Response and Cleanup

Don’t give your property damage the chance to spread and get worse! Call RTC Restoration & Roofing today for 24/7 emergency services across Northern Colorado. For less urgent needs, we invite you to fill out our online form at any time.