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Northern Colorado Mold Removal

Did you know that mold can start to grow as soon as 48 hours after the intrusion of water into your Northern Colorado home? Whether it’s an obvious and major disaster like flooding or a more hidden problem like a leaky pipe, mold is a common and fast-developing hazard that’s notoriously hard to spot. In many cases, a professional mold inspection is the only way to know whether you have a mold problem!

If you’re worried about mold, don’t take a gamble. RTC Restoration offers professional mold testing and expert mold remediation done by Certified Mold Inspectors and members of the American Industrial Hygienist Association (AIHA). We have 10+ years of experience and guarantee expert mold removal.

Northern Colorado’s Mold Specialist

Mold has no place in your family’s home, so RTC Restoration takes a comprehensive approach to mold abatement to ensure that your loved ones will have fresh, clean air to breathe. Our Northern Colorado mold treatment process includes multiple steps and can be customized to fit the size and scope of your home’s individual mold concerns. 

Mold Sampling and Testing

Before you embark on any kind of mold mitigation, it’s a good idea to get your home tested for mold. Mold testing is not strictly required in every case, but accurate results can ensure that your home’s mold problem is properly addressed. Air sampling is usually the best and most accurate way to test, but surface samples and swabs can be useful, too.

At RTC Restoration, we’d be happy to provide a free consultation and assessment of your home’s mold situation and recommend testing, if necessary. We work with AIHA-approved mold testers and provide free cost estimates for mold remediation.

Mold Cleanup

Because mold spores release into the air, proper mold cleanup requires more than just surface scrubbing! At RTC Restoration, we provide comprehensive mold treatment services that may include:

  • Room Barriers and Seal-Off
  • Dry-Out and Dehumidification
  • Air Scrubbing and HEPA Filtration
  • Air and Surface Sanitizing
  • Eco-Friendly Disinfectants
  • Antibacterial Treatments
  • Deodorization
  • Concrobium or Peroxide Treatments
  • Sanding
  • Demolition and Reconstruction

We’re also trained for black mold removal, as well as the removal of other toxic spores common to Northern Colorado such as Pennicilium/Aspergillus and Cladosporium.

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Mold, moisture, and bacteria are all potentially hazardous to the health and wellbeing of your family—and, if left long enough, can hugely impact the value and safety of your property. Instead of wondering about the presence of mold in your home, reach out to the Northern Colorado residential restoration crews of RTC Restoration.

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