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Greeley Mold Remediation

No homeowner wants to hear that they have mold issues, but with the help of our Greeley mold remediation specialists, you’ll be able to breathe easier knowing the mold is gone.

It only takes a small amount of excess moisture to lead to a mold infestation, and some mold isn’t easy to see. RTC Restoration offers thorough mold inspection services that allow us to find mold even in hidden places.

Here are some signs you may need mold removal services:

  • Ongoing Cold-Like Symptoms
  • Musty or Damp Odor
  • Past Roof Leak or Flooding
  • Paint is Bubbling on Walls

If you suspect you may have mold in your home, don’t put off ordering a mold inspection. The longer you wait, the more the mold can spread.

Greeley’s Trusted Mold Specialist

RTC Restoration uses mold mitigation techniques that are fast, effective, and affordable. We’ve helped many Greeley homeowners deal with mold infestations, so put our experience to work for you when you need a mold specialist.

We offer:

  • Testing and Air Sampling: It’s not always easy to determine whether or not a home needs mold treatment. If we can’t find the mold visually, we’re able to detect whether there is mold present through other testing methods such as air sampling. This allows us to determine the extent of the mold as well as the type of mold that is present.
  • Insurance Billing: Some mold abatement services, such as those required as the result of a covered roof repair, are covered by insurance. If that’s the case in your situation, we’ll work directly with your insurance company, so you’ll only be responsible for your deductible.
  • Restoration: In addition to mold cleanup, we also offer restoration services. Mold and the mold abatement process may leave damage behind. We have contractors and carpenters who have the skills to fully restore your home.
  • Air Scrubbing: To ensure mold spores are not left behind in the air, we use HEPA Air Scrubbers for superior mold mitigation.

RTC Restoration can handle any type of mold mitigation, including black mold removal, and we do what we can make the process hassle-free.

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