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Fort Collins Water Damage Restoration

With over a decade of experience, RTC Restoration & Roofing offers professional water damage restoration throughout Fort Collins. We’re a licensed general contractor and are proud to serve the needs of families and businesses alike—from relatively contained kitchen floods to large-scale commercial property losses. 

At the very first sign of water damage, you should call our expert water restoration team! Our licensed and insured crews are ready for prompt response 24/7/365. We’ll start by enacting immediate water mitigation measures to halt the damage before putting together a customized plan for your property’s build-back.

Serving Fort Collins since 2007, our many water damage restoration services cover:

  • Basement Flooding
  • Sewage Backup
  • Storm Damage
  • Broken or Burst Pipes
  • Frozen Pipe Damage
  • Leaking Appliances
  • Flooded Crawlspaces
  • Roof Leaks
  • Broken Windows and Doors
  • ... and more!

Expert Water Mitigation Services in Fort Collins

At RTC Restoration & Roofing, there’s nothing surface-level about our Fort Collins water restoration services! We know all too well that the most dangerous aspects of water damage can’t necessarily be seen from the surface—and we’re trained experts in deeper restoration concerns including structural rot, stubborn odors, and black mold growth.

Whether you call us about commercial basement flooding or residential roof leaks, we’ll employ a customized version of the same basic process:

  1. Moisture Reading: We’ll use thermal imaging cameras and other advanced moisture reading equipment to accurately assess your water damage.
  2. Water Removal: Our industrial-strength equipment can remove water from carpet, furniture, and hard surfaces.
  3. Dry Out: Even after standing water has been removed, it’s essential to thoroughly dry and dehumidify the space so mold won’t grow in your Fort Collins home.
  4. Sanitizing: We use green antimicrobial treatments for effective but gentle cleaning. If raw sewage is involved, all appropriate biohazard measures will be observed.
  5. Contents Restoration: If your belongings have been affected as well as your home’s structure, we can salvage them using the same thorough drying process.
  6. Reconstruction: In cases of severe water damage, we may not be able to salvage every part of every room, in which case reconstruction or repair may be necessary.

Recover from Water Damage in Fort Collins Today

At RTC Restoration & Roofing, we strive to restore your property and make it even better than new while giving you complete peace of mind during the entire process. To learn more about our outstanding services and certified restoration technicians in Fort Collins, call us today! You can also request your free consultation at any time through our quick online form.